Human Knowledge Management Faults (HKMF)

March 21, 2016, 7:40 p.m.
Edited: Feb. 7, 2020, 6:53 a.m.
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The purpose of this document is to aid in usability analysis of Laddice ranging from low order to high order usability. This should help us prioritize features and come up with innovative design to optimize the usability and usefulness of Laddice. In short, it will help us make Laddice a true human companion by compensating for the brain's shortcomings and, thereby, removing the barrier to human success (refer back to our first mission statement on business card).

  • Low Level

    • Memory

      • Forgetting where something is

        • What folder it is in

        • How it is connected

      • Forgetting words used

      • Forgetting when something was made

      • Forgetting who made something or shared something

      • Forgetting how something was labelled

        • What is it tagged as

      • Sometimes we even think something may exist that doesn't exist

    • Unawareness

      • We may accidentally delete something and not realize

      • We may forget to save something

    • Errors

      • We may spell something incorrectly

      • We may assign an incorrect tag

      • We may connect something improperly

  • High Level

    • Bias

    • False knowledge

    • Emotions

      • Frustration

        • If something doesn't work as expected

        • If they are frustrated to begin with

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