Computational Mental Models to Human Analogies

Dec. 3, 2018, 9:09 a.m.
Edited: March 2, 2019, 8:45 p.m.

Computer Software is built by being pushed forward through iterative mutation. As all know in modern times, with mutations brings the chance of bugs in the code; a glitch in the matrix.  But the potential for glitches implies the potential for creation and innovation.

As below in the computer realm, so above with the genetic configuration of modern humans.

Disease.  Pain.  Memory Loss.  Illness.

Yet, the innate power of a computer programmer is his power to be an inner physician to a fast moving program, building the complexity of the code while patching its negatives mutations.

What this lesson teaches the programmer is that his mind is a lot like this fast moving, mutating program, that can be optimized, debugged and enhanced through practicing techniques such as meditation and externalization.  

Right down to the core:







Data structures

Meta Knowledge






Short Term Memory



Source Code

Genes, Deterministic instruction

Parallel Process

Multi task



All the technology at the humans disposal is able to be upgraded, so to speak.  Just as a computer programmer refines a program to its inevitable incompletion, a forward thinking individual refines his minds potential to an inevitable incompletion.

The techniques to improve your mind vary depending on where you grew up in the world.  It mattered who your parents were and who your mentors and friends were.  How willing were they to step outside the box and alter your existence for the better?  

The following will be an evolving list of places that I personally suggest we all should start building knowledge within and around:

You are the programmer of your mind. 

There are others who have learned the lesson above.  Masters of the media, Controllers of the crowd, Pastors of the people.  

There are dozens more, but point being that if you dont learn the ins and outs of your own mind, there are always going to be others waiting like a vulture to pounce on a capitalistic or spiritualistic opportunity using techniques fine tuned over the centuries.